Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Pet Sitter providing loving pet care, high-quality service, and outstanding customer service – helping make your life easier and the life of your “Best Friend” BEYOND ORDINARY.

Why Anything But Ordinary Pet Services LLC?

Licensed, insured, and bonded Pet Sitter with a passion and compassion for animals.

After nearly 25 years of working in corporate America as an Executive Assistant providing professional, organized, and confidential support to senior level management, I am now offering that same trusted support to pet families. The combination of my business knowledge, love of fur-babies, and quirky personality is guaranteed to make your life easier and make your “best friend” happy you asked me to come into their lives!

Passion and Compassion for Animals?

Being raised by a mom who took in every stray animal she found quickly turned me into a lover and protector of all living things who cannot otherwise take care of themselves. Since I was a kid, I’ve been a Mom to both cats and dogs and find immense fulfillment in giving love to the animals that have blessed my life through the years.

My Fur-Babies

My first cat, Cosmo, was found in the middle of a busy interstate and brought to me by a co-worker. She was just weeks old and terrified! Our connection was immediate and she gave me many years of hilarious antics. Initially, I named her Milkyway because the image on the baby bottle I fed her from was of a cow jumping over the moon. That name just did not fit her personality. She would slide in and out of rooms and just look at you like she had mischief planned. Then the TV series Seinfeld announced that Kramer’s first name was Cosmo (aired January 5, 1995). That was it! Milkyway was forever known as Cosmo.

The second cat who came into my heart, Snowball, was from a litter of a friend. I saw her eyes open for the first time and knew those baby-blues were coming home with me. She was my snuggler. Not a morning passed during our eight years together that I didn’t wake up with her either on my stomach or against the back of my legs…she was always by my side. Her passing left a huge hole in my heart. It took two years before I could say her name without crying.


Since then, my life has also been blessed with the canine version of fur-love! From a gorgeous pure-bred Labrador Retriever, Harley, who was no longer wanted after a divorce; to a Labrador Retriever mix, Blondie, who was left alone in her owner’s garage for 12 hours a day. Both of my lab-loves have also passed, but I have so  many loving memories of the  many years we shared.

Blondie & HarleyBlondie & Harley 2

Our home continues to be blessed with canine fur-love! Killer, a Chihuahua mix, whose original owner sadly passed away; London, a Chihuahua mix, who was dropped in the overnight box at the shelter the night before our family went in search of another furry soul to love; and Sadie, a beautiful white Golden Doodle who my husband got when she was just a puppy. Their days are filled with stuffed bunny and tennis ball chasing, snuggling with me during nap time, and barking with excitement when their daddy comes home from work…it truly is never a dull moment with these three.

Killer & London Cropped

Sadie Cropped

If I’m not rescuing a bird out of the pool and taking it to the Wildlife Sanctuary; I’m pulling over in heavy traffic to move a turtle out of harm’s way; or I’m doing a quick u-turn to collect a dog wandering aimlessly to ensure it safely returns home. It is safe to say that I am my mother’s daughter, and as an adult, I cherish the memories of how I was honored with the pleasure of caring for each pet that came into my life.

I look forward to spending time with your best friend!
Cheryl Reichner, Owner
Anything But Ordinary Pet Services LLC