Keeping Your Pets and Home Safe in Your Absence

When the humans of the house must be away, your pets can be rest assured that we will step in to spoil them in the means they have become accustomed to. And for your peace of mind, we will ensure they’re not partying it up too hard in your absence.

Our Services

Drop-In Visits: $23 per 30 minutes

If your pet is the independent type and used to being left home for extended periods, then our 30 minute drop-in visits will be a good fit for them. Just let us know how many times a day your wild furry friends need to be checked on and we will customize their visits to fit best with you and your pets’ needs.
Extra Pet Fee is applied for anything over two pets.

Daily Mid-Day Stroll: $23 per 30 minutes

Can’t get home mid-day to let your dog take care of business? Is your pooch climbing the walls with pent-up energy when you come in from a long day at work? A 30 minute tailspin around your neighborhood will fix that! Potty and exercise time rolled into half an hour! Ahhhh much better!
Extra Pet Fee is applied for anything over two pets.

Pooch Slumber Parties: $75 per night

If your pet is anxious when you are gone or if they just prefer slumber parties while the rents are away, ask us about our overnight pet sitting services. (We offer these on a case by case basis.)
Extra Pet Fee is applied for anything over two pets.

What do we do during visits?

All services include undivided love and attention for your pets. Of course this includes daily exercise, feeding, potty breaks, litter box clean up, and administering basic medication. Simple home services include mail pick-up, alternating lights, and curbing trash.
Whether drop-in, daily mid-day stroll, or pooch slumber parties, your best friend’s happiness and safety is our primary concern.

How do we get started?

We provide a complimentary “introduction meeting” with you and your BEST FRIEND, before any service is provided. This allows us to get to know your BEST FRIEND’S specific routine, preferences, and story. Click on our Contact page to get started today!

Where do we play?

We are located near the Eau Gallie Arts Districts in Melbourne, FL. Below is our rough coverage area map. Please give us a call today to confirm that we service your area.