Sarah B.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I have to admit that Cheryl is Anything But Ordinary when it comes to the care that she provides for my fur/water babies. I have 2 english bulldogs, a very independent cat and more salt/fresh water fish then I can count. Poor Cheryl had no idea what she was getting into with these bullies because they know a newcomer as soon as they reach the front door and boy do they take advantage (such clowns). They tend to “bully” their way through the front door upon entry and exiting so as one might imagine, if not careful, you will be “bullied” over as they run for freedom! Well, Cheryl NEVER let that happen. She turned herself into a human barricade even had to football tackle to make sure nothing bad would happen to them on her watch. This is what makes her Anything But Ordinary. While under her care I can assure anyone that they are 110% well looked after, loved, played with, and cuddled while you are away. You cannot find and trust people like her very often and I’m glad that she chose to be part of our family! I also would like to mention that she finally learned how to outsmart those bullies…. With treats of course and VERY fast feet! We heart you! Sarah & Family